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Salty Comments

Our first Research & More contribution was donated by Mr. Ed Berg.
Salty Comments are a series of wonderful articles written
by Ed and his late wife Kay.
Many thanks to Ed for this generous contribution to all collectors.

Coddington Reference Book

The Coddington Book is a reprint from Ed Berg, Ed has the permisssion from the Coddington Family to reprint the book. The book is on this web site with permission from Ed Berg. The link below will take you to the reference material.

Coddington Book

Coddington Cross Reference

Coddington Additions & Corrections

Irradiation Project

To The Project
Thanks to all that helped and provided salts for this project.

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Russian Enamel Salts by John Atzbach

Provided by OSSOTW Convention 2009

Acorn Boat Salt

by Ed Bowman