MOSS Indianapolis 2007

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10th N.O.S.C. - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Time: June 8, 2007 1 PM EDT
The Place: Indianapolis, IN
The Event: The Irradiation Project

  • Back in 2005, the National Board voted to run some tests on the effects of irradiation on open salts. After a couple years of amassing a group of open salts for testing, and getting all the preliminary work done with a team, Rod Elser shared all the findings at the 2007 Indianapolis Convention. It should be noted that the National Board voted in 2007 to do some further testing such as running some items again and also the reversal to see if the original color and/or clear glass really can be restored.

  • It is very clear to see which of the Lacies is the true cobalt. With few exceptions, irradiated colors in general are muddy and dark, or an unattractive smoky color. Side by side as shown below, there's no comparison. Also note that cobalt Lacies were unaffected when irradiated.

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