MOSS Indianapolis 2007

10th NOSC logo

10th N.O.S.C. - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Time: June 7, 2007 4 PM EDT
The Place: Indianapolis, IN
The Event: Convention Registration
Let the fun begin!

  • Our convention chairpersons, Don and Deane Rabourn

  • Attendance Sign In Table

  • Great posters and decorations by the convention committee and all the other helpers

  • Wilfred Cohen checking in with the table manned by Ed Bowman's daughter, Cindy Layman (seated) and her friend Abby Stallsmith

  • Signing in is Carolyn Bugel (right) and her friend, Rhoda Seccuro

  • Table of Registration Packets with workers Charlotte Brownfield and Don Rabourn

  • Ed Berg

  • Judy and Jim Royer

  • Tim Toia and Judy Stuber

  • Joan Durbin and Carole Yurkanin

  • Betty and Leo Lippertand daughter, Marsha Powers

  • Jack and Sue Harris

  • Kent and Faye Hudson

  • Glen and LaVerne Black

  • Lee Patterson behind the table with Maris Jende (far right)assisting Ed and Lucy Oakley

  • Karen Ludwig

  • Susie Proctor

  • Sisters Joanne Fletcherand Pat Brumenschenkel

  • Don Rabourn with Barbara Batesand Nola Jende

  • Chris Brenner and her mother, Gerry Brenner

  • Linda Witt

  • Pat Christensen

  • Earlene and Neil Tyson collecting their packets from Lee Patterson

  • Kay and Ted Reissing

  • Everyone also got a goodie bag jammed with salt related items and even a salt that Ed Bowman had made for us. Then it was on to the Convention Salt Table to claim your 10th NOSC Salt.

  • Charlotte Brownfield and Diane Wittik preparing the table

  • Sally Hegedus and Donna Wolfe

  • Jackie Brady

  • Carolyn Bugel with Convention Salt

  • Judy Johnson examines her salt

  • Al Diamond looks like a happy camper

  • Lynne and Lee Patterson ready to accept Door Prize Donations

  • Lynne showing Lee which one to pick if he gets called before she does

  • Sherry and Al Diamond taking in the salts for the Reverse Auction

  • Linda Drew (right) keeping Debi Raitz company at the Raffle Table

  • Russian Enamel Raffle Salt

  • Steuben Blue Aurene Raffle Salt Time for seeing old friends and making new ones

  • (L to R) Lesley Solkoske, Judy Prochowski, Linda Lawson, LeeAnne and Jeff Kornbau

  • Pat Christensen and Linda Drew (hugging), Chris Christensen (seated) and Debi Raitz

  • Sarah Kawakami and Linda Drew

  • Judy Prochowski and Sarah Kawakami

  • Mike Kump and Maris Jende

  • Roger Bates and Lee Patterson
    The moving crew comes in and packs up to move to the Hospitality Room

  • Linda and Mike Kump

  • Linda Kump

  • Linda Drew

  • Ed Bowman all set to move the cart. I don't know how Ed escaped being photographed in the Registration Room. It was all his hard work as Registration Chairman that made everything go so smoothly.

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