MOSS Indianapolis 2007

10th NOSC logo

10th N.O.S.C. - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Time: June 7, 2007 7 PM EDT
The Place: Indianapolis, IN
The Event: Hospitality Room
Friends, Food & Fun! Who could ask for anything more!

  • As the decoration and hospitality committees were setting up the Hospitality Suite on the 6th floor, it was determined the air conditioning was not working properly and everything had to be moved to the Ballroom on the main floor. Bad news for the committees with double the work, but the result was much more space for eating and mingling. Tables were set up and we could sit and enjoy all the treats supplied for the gathering. Pizza was ordered in so we wouldn't have to break away from the group to go have dinner elsewhere. Worked out great and we could enjoy each other's company for a long time.

  • Linda Drew and Debi Raitz take the sign up to the 6th floor to point everyone to the new spot

  • Decorating the buffet tables...Again!

  • Setting up the new digs

  • Setting out all the munchables

  • Lots of chips, dips, veggies, cheeses and desserts to choose from! Mingling in the Hospitality Room

  • Jane Carroll and Rod Elser

  • George and Connie Kullgren

  • Jim and Lyleann Walker

  • Carolyn Bugel chatting with Ed Berg

  • Sue Imhoff, Chris and Gerry Brenner

  • Chris Brenner, Pat Brumenschenkel and Joanne Fletcher

  • Gerry Brenner, Charlotte Brownfield, Diane Wittik (standing) Joanne Fletcher and Pat Brumenschenkel

  • LaVerne and Glen Black, and Rhoda Seccuro

  • Carolyn Bugel, Ted and Kay Reissing, and Linda Witt, Sherry Diamond in the background

  • Kay Reissing, Linda Witt, Ed and Lucy Oakley

  • Lucy and Ed Oakley, Cindy Layman, Abby Stallsmith and Ed Bowman

  • Jackie Brady and Sandy Jzyk

    in front of Nola and Maris Jende

  • Nina Robertson and Sandy Jzyk in front of Maris Jende and Sue Imhoff

  • Mike Cottrell and Bill Mehlenbacher

  • Debi Raitz, Linda Drew, Mike and LaRae Cottrell

  • Rob and Linda Bomar

  • Barbara and Roger Bates

  • Donna Wolfe, Sally Hegedus and Maris Jende

  • Maris Jende, Debi Raitz, Linda Drew, Judy Johnson and Ed Bowman Standing is Lyleann and Jim Walker

  • Betty Dean and Pam Clark

  • Wilfred (standing) and Dolli Cohen with Pat and Chris Christensen

  • Kent and Faye Hudson, Lyleann Walker and Lee Patterson Behind is Judy Johnson, Mike Cottrell, Don and Deane Rabourn

  • Marsha Powers with Leo and Betty Lippert

  • Rod Elser with Jim and Judy Royer

  • Judy Johnson, Ed Bowman and Joan Durbin

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