MOSS Indianapolis 2007

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10th N.O.S.C. - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Time: June 9, 2007 6 PM EDT
The Place: Indianapolis, IN
The Event: Black & White Ball The Black and White Ball was a lot of fun ...
and quite elegant looking with all the black and white attire!
  • Collectors were asked to stand if they collected salts for longer than 30 years. Standing are Carolee Baker, Judy Royer, Betty Dean, Marsha Powers, Judy Prochowski, Lesley Solkoske, Jackie Brady, Chris Christensen, Pat Christensen, Sarah Kawakami and Nola Jende

  • Over 35 years...Carolee Baker, Judy Royer, Marsha Powers, Judy Prochowski, Lesley Solkoske, Jackie Brady, Chris Christensen and Sarah Kawakami

  • Over 40 years...Carolee Baker, Judy Royer, Judy Prochowski, Lesley Solkoske, Jackie Brady and Sarah Kawakami

  • Over 45 years...Carolee Baker, Judy Royer, Judy Prochowski and Lesley Solkoske

  • Over 50 years...Carolee Baker, Judy Royer and Judy Prochowski

  • Over 55 years...Still standing are Carolee Baker and Judy Prochowski

  • Over 60 years and Judy Prochowski is the last one standing!

  • Dinner was a New York strip steak or Salmon with all the fixins' and Tuxedo Cheesecake for dessert. Because a lot of people were on the move during the banquet not everyone is pictured below but I'm sure we caught them somewhere else!
  • Ed Bowman and his girls...granddaughter Stephanie Gorman, daughter Cindy Layman and Cindy's friend, Abby Stallsmith

  • Linda and Rob Bomar, Diane Wittik, Deane and Don Rabourn, Joan Wrenn

  • Nola and Maris Jende, Jane Carroll and Rod Elser

  • Lee and Lynne Patterson, Kent and Faye Hudson

  • Lyleann and Jim Walker, Jim and Marlene Nelson

  • Carole Wachtel, Debbie Truitt, Jackie Brady and Earlene Tyson

  • Earlene and Neil Tyson, Cookie Barga, Marty Sarver and Sue Sawyer

  • Connie and George Kullgren, Chick and Barbara Evers

  • Al and Sherry Diamond, Mike and Linda Kump

  • Carole Yurkanin and Joan Durbin

  • Jim and Judy Royer

  • Pam Clark, Betty Dean and Charlotte Brownfield

  • Doreen West, Cindy Smoots and Karen Wetmore

  • Karen Wetmore, Sue Brown and Linda Lawson

  • Leslie Solkoske, Judy Prochowski and Karen Ludwig

  • Joanne Fletcher and Pat Brumenschenkel

  • LaVerne and Glen Black

  • Donna Wolfe, Sally Hegedus, LeeAnne and Jeff Kornbau

  • Jack and Sue Harris

  • Julane and Dick Budke

  • Sue Patterson, Grace Patterson and Jo Patterson

  • Sharon Walls-Hall, Becky Saunders, Paula Wogensen, Ray Baker

  • Ray and Carolee Baker, Carolyn Bugel, Rhoda Seccuro

  • Dolli and Wilfred Cohen, Linda and Chuck Drew

  • Ed Berg, Debi Raitz and LaRae Cottrell

  • Mike Cottrell, Nina Robertson, Bill Mehlenbacher and Judy Johnson

  • Sandy Jzyk and Judy Johnson

  • Lucy and Eddie Oakley

  • Barbara Bates, Chris Brenner and Gerry Brenner

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