MOSS Indianapolis 2007

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10th N.O.S.C. - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Time: June 9, 2007 8 PM EDT
The Place: Indianapolis, IN
The Event: Awards
  • Every two years, every club member and National Newsletter subcriber is encouraged to nominate and vote for a person who has significantly contributed to the world of open salt collecting. The National Marketing Director is in charge of this duty and this year Linda Drew presented two winners with their open salt award.
  • Lesley Solkoske

    Lesley Solkoske

  • Sarah Kawakami

    Sarah Kawakami

  • Rod Elser

    Outgoing President, Rod Elser

  • Linda Drew

    Outgoing Marketing Director, Linda Drew

  • National Board

    National Board Officers Debi Raitz, Webmaster; Lesley Solkoske, newly elected Vice President; Al Diamond, newly elected President; and Judy Johnson, newly elected Marketing Director. Not in attendance is National Treasurer, Mike Zagwoski who retains his position. The efforts of all the committee chairmen is what made the convention a huge success. They were all recognized for their hard work and attention to detail.

  • Charlotte Brownfield & Diane Wittik

    Buy & Sell - Charlotte Brownfield & Diane Wittik

  • Nola & Maris Jende

    Displays - Nola & Maris Jende

  • Lee & Lynne Patterson

    Door Prizes - Lee & Lynne Patterson

  • Mary Kern & Diane Wittik

    Entertainment Skit - Mary Kern & Diane Wittik

  • Sarah Kawakami

    Hospitality - Sarah Kawakami

  • Jim Wrenn

    Photographer - Jim Wrenn

  • Lesley Solkoske

    Previous Convention Displays - Lesley Solkoske

  • Debi Raitz

    Raffle & Name Tags - Debi Raitz

  • Al & Sherry Diamond

    Reverse Auction - Al & Sherry Diamond

  • Rod Elser

    Speaker - Rod Elser

  • Linda Drew

    Speaker - Linda Drew

  • Deane & Don Rabourn

    Ed Bowman presents Deane & Don Rabourn with Convention Mementos

  • Carole Yurkanin

    Carole Yurkanin - 1999 MOSS Convention Chairman

  • Ed Bowman is seen handing out a lot of awards but not receiving his. It should be noted that he single-handedly designed and printed out thousands of pages of registration packet forms, did the mailing, collected the money and served as treasurer for the convention, sent out convention salts for those not attending, made all the signs, and worked tirelessly through the convention on all video equipment and to have current graphics and pictures during the banquet. We were very lucky to have him and he did a wonderful job.
  • Raffle salts

    The raffle salts were won by Lynne Patterson who chose the Russian enamel and Janet Diefendorf who chose the Steuben blue aurene. Janet was not in attendance but was notified by phone and her prize was mailed to her.The torch was once again passed from this year's hosting club to the next. The next convention will be in California in 2009, hosted by members of the Northern and Southern chapters of Open Salt Seekers of the West.

  • Passing the torch

    Don Rabourn passes the torch to Sarah Kawakami, Mary Kern and Linda Drew. As the banquet activities were winding down, friends once again had to say farewell until next time.

  • Post banquet

    Lesley Solkoske, Judy Johnson, Sarah Kawakami and Linda Witt.

  • Fire truck

    Just as many of us were calling it a night and others were already asleep, the fire alarms called for all to evacuate the hotel. There was a fire in a 6th floor boiler room but it was contained and we were all allowed back to our rooms within an hour. It did, however, give us more time to visit with fellow convention goers.

  • Group chattingMOSS hopes you all had a great time... See you again in 2009!

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