MOSS Indianapolis 2007

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10th N.O.S.C. - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Time: June 8, 2007 12 PM EDT
The Place: Indianapolis, IN
  • The Event: Friday Lunch Mixed Field Greens Salad with assorted toppings and dressings, Grandma's Macaroni Salad, Red Skin Potato Salad, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs, Country Style Green Beans, Buttered Corn-on-the-Cob, Fried Biscuits with Indiana Apple Butter, Peach Cobbler with Whipped Crème Topping, Freshly Brewed Coffees & Iced Tea

  • Jesse, our all around guy who was seen clearing lunch tables, helping out in the hospitality room, bartending, serving the banquet dinner and working in the hotel restaurant.

  • Two quick moving lines got us to our tables fast to enjoy all that wonderful food

  • Sally Hegedus, Roger and Barbara Bates, Lyleann and Jim Walker, Carolyn Bugel, Rhoda Seccuro

  • Linda and Rob Bomar, Rod Elser and Jane Carroll

  • Rod Elser and Jane Carroll, George and Connie Kullgren, and Dolli Cohen

  • Jackie Brady, speaker Debbie Truitt, Earlene and Neil Tyson

  • Deane and Don Rabourn, Sharon Walls-Hall and Donna Wolfe

  • Donna Wolfe, Tim Toia and Judy Stuber

  • Julane and Dick Budke

  • Bob and Mary Kern

  • Betty Dean, Pam Clark, Debi Raitz and Judy Johnson

  • Linda Drew, Mike and LaRae Cottrell

  • Chick and Barbara Evers

  • Barbara Evers, Doreen West and Cyndy Smoots

  • Sue Patterson, Diane Wittik and Charlotte Brownfield

  • Charlotte Brownfied, Joan Durbin and Carole Yurkanin

  • Carole Yurkanin and Sue Imhoff

  • Grace, Jo and Sue Patterson

  • Kay Reissing, Cindy Layman, Ed Bowman, Abby Stallsmith, LeeAnne and Jeff Kornbau

  • Judy and Jim Royer and Sandy Jzyk

  • Marty Sarver and Sue Sawyer

  • Carole Wachtel and Cookie Barga

  • Lesley Solkoske, Karen Wetmore and Linda Lawson

  • Judy Prochowski, Sue Brown and Karen Ludwig

  • Jack and Sue Harris

  • Al and Sherry Diamond

  • Leo Lippert, Marsha Powers and Betty Lippert

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