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The convention will be at the Clarion Hotel, 1450 Rt 70 East (at Rt 295) in Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. The phone number 856-428-2300. Simply call and ask reservations for a room at the Cherry Hill, NJ Clarion for the National Open Salt Convention rate of $99/night (plus tax) for the nights of June 26 – 28, 2002.

Extended Stays: We have arranged to have this special rate made available for attendees for as long as a week, if they would like to use the time after the convention to visit Philadelphia (10 minutes), Atlantic City (1 hour), New York (90 miles) or the antique areas of New Jersey (Mullica Hill 15 miles) and Pennsylvania (Adamstown 75 miles), Baltimore (100 mi) or Washington, D.C. (130 mi).

If you haven’t created a display before, here’s your chance to try out your imagination. You are welcome to bring and set up a display of as many salts as you desire in any of our five display categories. Responding to requests from around the country, display size will be increased to 36” X 30” with a 36” height restriction from the table-top (not required to take the full space).
Beautiful – Beautiful salts, beautifully displayed.
Original - Shows creativity in design of the display.
Unusual – Pertains to ‘rare’ and ‘uncommon’ salts, themselves, as well as in the way they are shown.
Convention Theme – The display follows the theme of the Convention ‘A Revolutionary Convention’ (patriotic).
Learning, Study and Research – Should involve research of salts of any type or period and should be informative.

The cost of the convention is $173 per person for attendees registering and paying by 4/26/03. You may still register for the convention until June 1, 2003, but the cost for late registration is $200 per person to offset extra costs to the Convention Committee. If you fully pay your registration by 12/31/02, you qualify for our ROOM GIVEAWAY DRAWING.

All attendees who pre-register for the convention and fully pay for registration by 12/31/02 will be eligible for one of three drawings for a free room night at the Clarion (valued at $99 plus tax). This is a great way to lower your convention costs and your chances are great because you get a chance FOR EACH ROOM NIGHT that you stay at the Clarion FOR EACH PERSON registered for the convention. For instance, if you register two people for a room for three nights, each of you will get three chances for a free room night. This offer is only available if you return your registration form and have fully paid for registration by 12/31/02.

All attendees are invited to the Diamond’s home (four minutes from the Clarion) on Sunday morning (9AM to ?) for coffee, bagels, more salt talk and “checking out” their collection. Please check off the spot on the registration form if you plan to attend.

Every convention attendee looks forward to participating in the Buy/Sell sessions. We will have two sessions (see schedule) on Friday. In order to provide the equal opportunity for all attendees to see and purchase all salts available for sale, we will request that no buying, selling or trading of dealer merchandise occur until the official start of the Buy/Sell Sessions.

Door prizes will be gratefully accepted during Registration on Thursday night or by one of our Committee People at any time during the convention. Door prizes will be awarded at various times throughout the convention in some “UNUSUAL” (and entertaining) ways.

We have made arrangements for our RV contingent to use a back parking lot of the Clarion to park their vehicles. If self-contained, you may stay in your RV, but the hotel would certainly enjoy your staying in their rooms, if you choose.

Chinese, Continental, Steak, Middle Eastern, Italian, Philly Cheesesteak, Pizza, NJ Diner, Chain Restaurants and Fast Food are within 1.5 miles of Clarion on Rte 70. The Clarion has a breakfast restaurant and an English Pub serving lunch and dinner.

Thursday – Refreshments will be available at registration throughout the evening.

Friday -You will be enjoying a Continental Breakfast on Friday morning, a full lunch between sessions Friday afternoon and will be free to eat at the hotel or at one of a large variety of restaurants within 1.5 miles of the hotel.

Saturday – Attendees will experience the traditional NY/NJ ‘Bagels wit a Schmear’ (bagels and cream cheese or bagels and butter), coffee and/or juice during the 30-45 minute ride to Winterthur. During our tour of Winterthur we will have lunch in the facility’s excellent restaurant nestled in the gardens of the Winterthur estate. Upon our return to Cherry Hill on Saturday we will “dress” for our Costume Banquet Dinner (see enclosed information).

Sunday – Everyone is invited to the Diamond’s home (four minutes from the Clarion) to see their salt collection and for bagels and cream cheese before heading home (9 AM to ? – Please note your intention to visit on the registration form).

Just a few miles from the “Birthplace” of our country, Philadelphia, and within a week of Independence Day, the theme of our Convention is A REVOLUTIONARY CONVENTION. We encourage all attendees to dress appropriately for the patriotic theme of the time period around the Revolution. We will have sufficient time after our trip to Winterthur to dress for dinner.

Here is a new way to buy wonderful additions to your collection and to sell salts to a room filled with avid collectors.

When you give us your auction items (as many as you desire), you provide us a description, your estimate of its market value and a reserve price (below which you would not sell the item), if any. Numbered auction items will be on display for conventioneers prior to the auction. An item will be offered to participants at a fair market price (the price they would expect to pay for this item in a retail setting). If a participant desires to purchase the item, (s)he displays his bidder number to win the item at the bid price. If no one bids the price offered, the item’s bid price will be lowered a bit and the price continues to be lowered until a bidder wins the item (or until its reserve is met). The first bidder to raise his/her bidder number wins the item. Since bidders must determine their maximum bid for desirable items before another bidder raises his/her bidder number, good items generally sell at higher prices than at general auctions while common items can be purchased at a bargain (but not less than the owner’s reserve). Reserves protect the owners from a loss on valuable items. However, many participants choose not to set reserves and great buys can be made.

We have participated in Reverse Auctions at OSCAR’s meetings and in other venues and can attest to the fact that they are very exciting and ‘nail-biting’ as bidders try to decide how low they can afford to go before the desired item is ‘snapped-up’ by a competitor. Please bring a number of salts for the auction. The 8th NOSC will receive 10% of the purchase price on all successful sales to help support the convention.

Most members come to the convention hoping to get some good buys. A raffle for a $100 Buying Spree will be offered for a $5 donation to the 8th NOSC. The raffle tickets will be sold at Registration and early in the first morning (during breakfast, before and after the speaker, and for the first few minutes of the buy-sell). Shortly after the beginning of the Buy/Sell (when everyone has had the chance to buy raffle tickets), we will announce the winner of the “Buying Spree”. The winner will be given $100 in uniquely colored “Salt Bucks” to be used at the tables of all participating vendors. The vendors may cash in these “Salt Bucks” with the Convention treasurer.

See the attachment titled, THE DREAM OF EVERY SALT COLLECTOR for details. We will be drawing for two salts at the convention, a hand painted acid-etched Daum Nancy and a Steuben Footed Amber Salt. Tickets are $10 each, five for $35. Since ticket sales will be limited to the members of the salt clubs to whom this mailing is being sent, the chances of winning a $1,000 Daum or a wonderful Steuben is much higher than that of any lottery in the country. Proceeds will offset programming and convention costs. Winner need not be present at the Convention to win. If not at the Convention, the winner will be called during the banquet Saturday Evening with the good news. Thanks to Wilfred and Dolli Cohen for providing these wonderful salts to the Convention.

The tradition continues – Please help us identify outstanding people in the hobby.

Mimi Rudnick was a special lady to open salt collecting. Mimi was an extremely active dealer who always had special salts for novice and expert alike and would provide history and education to anyone who asked. More importantly, she was a walking advertisement for the salt collecting hobby and for all of the salt clubs, referring countless new members. She also quietly sponsored annual awards in honor of Wilma Gunther and Helen Smith.

Since the Corning Convention, members have donated awards to be given in Mimi’s name to an outstanding person or persons who have made significant contributions to Open Salt Collecting. Neither the winner nor nominator need be at the Convention. Ballots will be available during the convention to attendees. If you cannot attend the convention, please send your nomination to Rudnick Award Nomination, 507 N. Kings Hwy, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034.

Our Saturday program will be at Winterthur, the DuPont Museum and Estate in Wilmington, Delaware. A wonderful sprawling estate, Winterthur contains hundreds of rooms of Americana and antiques collected by the DuPont family, including some wonderful open salts. The staff at Winterthur have offered to design a special Salt Tour of Winterthur just for our group. Small groups of NOSC Attendees will each be joined by a Winterthur docent who will conduct the one-hour tour featuring the salts of Winterthur (elevators are used to move between levels of the estate). Those completing their tours (or waiting for them) may take Garden Tram Tours through the gardens that were Mr. DuPont’s passion, can wander through the public display areas of the museum or will shop at Winterthur’s gift, garden and book shops. After lunch in Wintherthur’s restaurant nestled in the forested part of the estate, we will enjoy one of our Program Speakers in the auditorium.

Our Convention Salt Committee has chosen a WONDERFUL Stiegel-type salt created by Art Reed of Sweetwater Glass for the 8th NOSC. Please see the enclosed order form to purchase this absolutely limited edition salt signed by Mr. Reed and marked 8th NOSC 2003. Orders are limited to those placed by January 1, 2003 and no additional convention salts will made after the convention.

We already know we have creative and fun-loving members who attend the conventions. We would like to invite all attendees to create or find stories or poems about salting. We will collect the stories and poems during registration and they will be read at various times during the convention (by the originator, or if (s)he desires, by one of our staffers) we will vote for the best during the banquet Saturday night.

A very popular program at the Seventh NOSC was an Appraisal Fair conducted by Chris Christenson. Convention attendees brought all forms of open salts for Chris, a certified appraiser, to analyze and evaluate. Joining Chris at the 8th NOSC will be our speaker, John Shuman, III a noted author and specialist in American and European Art Glass and Gaudy Dutch and Welsh. You are invited to bring all forms of items to appraise, especially any Art Glass and Gaudy Dutch and Welsh items that you would like Mr. Shuman to evaluate. Mr. Shuman will only be available at the first Appraisal Fair session Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM. Chris will be appraising at both the Friday and Saturday afternoon sessions.

Many of our dealers have agreed to honor ‘NOSC Bucks’ for purchases made at their tables during the convention. Their support of the convention makes it possible for us to offer NOSC Bucks to club members at a 5% discount if purchased before the convention. You can immediately increase your buying power by requesting NOSC BUCKS BY MAIL prior to the convention (see Registration Form). NOSC Bucks are Convention Issued currency in various denominations that can be used to purchase salts from participating dealers. Simply sign the NOSC Bucks (as you would a Travelers Check) before using them for a purchase. This validates the NOSC Buck for the dealer to redeem the used currency. Unused NOSC Bucks are fully refundable from the original purchaser for their purchase price on Friday evening in the Hospitality Room, so there is NO risk on your part.

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