February 28, 2009

Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, the salt collector "Snowbirds" flew to Fred and Lorraine Ayers winter nest east of Silver Springs, Florida at the Wilderness RV Park Estates. Flocking to join them were Barbara and Chick Evers of Pennsylvania, Polly and Ed Levis, formerly of Pennsylvania, Grace, Paul and Joy Patterson from Lakeland, Florida, and Pam Atkinson, Floral City, Florida (Note: Not all collectors are snowbirds!)

After a fine and filling dutch treat lunch at The Cafe in the Park, our group roosted at the Ayers' charming and comfortable park model for a session of showing open salts and telling salty stories. Lorraine served a fine cake while we "cooed" and "chirped" at the displayed salts. Polly, currently living near Dunnellon, Florida, brought five salts including a sterling silver Tiffany bird with gold wash. We wondered if this was part of a set. Grace Patterson had several new additions to her large collection. She showed a set of four square celery salts with portraits like what is shown on the bottom right of Plate 725 in the Open Salt Compendium. Barbara shared some new purchases made in Punta Gorda, Florida, including a wooden double salt marked Made in Denmark with a wooden shovel spoon. Pam brought a rose pink cut glass tub salt which sat in a square EPNS frame that she had purchased in northern California last spring. She showed several other art glass salts that she had purchased on eBay and the recent Miami Beach Antiques Show. The canary yellow pedestal pottery salt, circa late 1700's to early 1800's belonged to Lorraine. She also had some salts for sale and will not be re-packing as many for her flight north in a couple of months!!

Many thanks to Lorraine and Fred for being our hosts. There is much interest in the Snowbirds' Florida gathering, but this year's birds suggested a possible mid-week flocking to catch some more of the birds before they fly home.

Unfortunately, with Pam taking most of the pictures, we neglected to get her picture!

  • Polly Levis, Grace Patterson, and Lorraine Ayers

    Polly Levis, Grace Patterson, and Lorraine Ayers

  • Ed Levis, Chick Evers, Barb Evers

    Ed Levis, Chick Evers, Barb Evers

  • Joy Patterson and Paul Patterson

    Joy Patterson and Paul Patterson

  • Fred and Lorraine Ayers

    Fred and Lorraine Ayers

  • Pam's display

    Pam's display, including an "oversized Steuben salt?"

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