Snowbirds 2005

  • Some of Pam's saltsPam's salts

  • ...More saltsPam's salts

  • Pam's display of Vaseline saltsVaseline salts

  • Mike Kump and Fred AyersMike Kump and Fred Ayers

  • Mike Kump's display of amber LaciesAmber Lacies

  • Coffee timeCoffee time

  • Pam talking about a saltPam Atkinson

  • Maris Jende giving a talk on Sowerby saltsMaris Jende

  • Murray serving up homemade soupMurray Atkinson

  • Westmoreland salts that Nola Jende discussedWestmoreland salts

  • Sowerby salts

    Sowerby salts

  • Linda Grotke and Frances HatfieldLinda Grotke and Frances Hatfield