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All collectors are welcome to join any CLUB or all of the clubs even if you are just interested in open salts please feel free to join a club or subscribe to

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Central Atlantic Salt Collectors

CASC was formed in 2010. Centered in the Central Atlantic states,
particularly those located below the Mason-Dixon Line,
extending through the Carolinas and beyond.
Membership is $10/household per year, or $25 for 3 years.

CASC Membership Form

President: Carolyn B.
Vice President: Nina R.
Treasurer: George K.
Secretary: Diane D.
Newsletter Editor: Kent H.


Midwest Open Salt Society

MOSS was formed in 1995 and is based in the US heartland, the Midwest. Meetings are held in the Spring and Fall, and have been held in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Club dues are currently $6.00/household, payable January 1st. Send to: MOSS c/o Barbara Hartman Apt. D, 2005 Eagleridge Court, Urbana IL 61802. Please direct any email questions to Barbara Hartman

President: Sue S.
Vice President: Don & Deane R
Treasurer: Barbara H
Secretary: Susie P.
Historian: Charlotte B.
Newsletter Editor: Diane W.


Central Midwest Open Salt Collectors

C-MOSS was formed in 1995, and over the last 20 years has had over 130 members. We have met at 19 locations in North Central Illinois and have held over 47 meetings averaging 21 members in attendance. The club has worked very closely with MOSS, and was responsible for the 1999 Convention in Chicago. Many joint overnight meetings have been held with MOSS over the years. Club information is as follows: The club's Coordinator is Keith Tucker; PH: 815-498-1940; email- The club has no dues or By-Laws. It's basic principal is to meet with fellow salt collectors, enjoy fellowship, share as much educational information as possible and further the concept of the joys of collecting open salt cellars.


New England Society Of Open Salt Collectors

This club, as reflected in it's name, is based in the New England area of the United States. It was originated in 1978. Associate members pay $10 per year per household for membership and the NESOSC newsletter.


35th  Anniversary Salt

President: Maria M.
Vice President: Donna K.
Secretary: Lillian O.
Treasurer: Karen W. & Sue B.
Newsletter Editor: Lesley S. & Mimi W.

Please direct ALL E-mail questions to Lesley S.


Open Salt Collectors Atlantic Region

OSCAR was officially founded in May 1986 after members met informally for about a year. This club is based in the Atlantic area (East Coast) of the United States.

Club dues are $5/year/household membership.

Mail in form HERE! after form opens right click on the form and click print.


Purchased online here

OSCAR 25th  Anniversary Salt

The membership year runs from January 1 until December 31.
Send to: OSCAR
c/o Judy Johnson
4475 Middle Cheshire Road
Canandaigua, NY 14424

President: Bill M .
Vice President:Chris B
Secretary: Natalie T
Treasurer: Judy J.
Newsletter Editor: Judy J.

Please direct any email questions to Judy J.


Open Salt Seekers of The West - Northern California

This club is based in Northern California primarily around the San Francisco Bay area.OSSOTW-NC meets the 3rd Saturday in January, April, July and October. April meeting being the Joint meeting for both California clubs.

Club dues are currently $10.00/yr.

President: Sarah K.
Vice President: Claragene R.
Secretary - Treasurer: Kathleen M.
Newsletter Editor: Gary N.

For further information, contact Sarah K.


Open Salt Seekers of The West - Southern California

Formed in 1984. Our meetings are held in January, April, July and October – Normally on the second Saturday of those months – But not always – Please contact Mary K. for confirmation of actual day for the meeting.

Club dues are currently $10.00/yr.

President: Robert R.
Vice President: Gerry G..
Secretary: Jane A.
Treasure: Stacey C.
Newsletter Editor: Gary N.
For further information, contact: Mary K.

Club Meetings Highlights