Open Salt Collectors is the Official Web Site for all Collectors of Open Salts

Open Salt Collectors is a non-profit organization created to promote and encourage the study, collecting and preservation of open salts. We maintain this informational web site and publish the National Newsletter that currently has three issues per year. We actively promote membership in open salt collecting clubs, periodically publish informational and educational articles in collecting publications, and in general support our hobby in whatever means as may be appropriate.

Open salts were commonly used in the 19th century before shakers came into general use. They were made in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and from range of different materials including glass, ceramic and metals. Some are quite common and others are extremely rare so prices can range from less than a dollar to several thousand dollars.

Member Clubs

There are currently eight open salt collector clubs in the U.S.:

Central Atlantic Salt Collectors (CASC)
Midwest Open Salt Society (MOSS)
New England Society of Open Salt Collectors (NESOSC)
Open Salt Collectors of the Atlantic Region (OSCAR)
Open Salt Seekers of the West Northern California (OSSOTW-NC)
Open Salt Seekers of the West Southern California (OSSOTW-SC)
Chicago Area Midwest Open Salt Society (C-MOSS)

All the clubs—except the last two listed—have regular meetings, newsletters and nominal membership dues. Please see the Calendar of Events for the schedule of individual club meetings.

The Snowbirds have a meeting in the winter each year. This meeting is usually posted in December or January so please check the Calendar of Events for the exact meeting date and location.

Note that there is a collector in the Denver, Colorado area who is interested in having an informal gathering with other salt collectors. If you live in this area or happen to be visiting, please contact Beverly at this e-mail address

Collecting Methods

Not only can open salts be found in nearly all antique shops, malls and glass shows, most club meetings feature a “buy & sell” period where a wide assortment of open salts can be found.

Research & More

Research is information on open salts written and produced by Salt club members and others interested in open salts.